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During his nearly 40-year career Roy Weinberger has held senior positions with two international rating organizations. As Managing Director – Corporate Ratings with Standard & Poor’s Corporation, he conceived and implemented the now common practices of "CreditWatch" and "Credit Outlooks," prepared the first guide to rating agency practices ever published, and oversaw development of the first platform for delivering ratings and analyses electronically. Mr. Weinberger also sought critical feedback from debt issuers by establishing an Issuer Advisory Council comprised of treasurers and CFOs. In combination, these actions dramatically enhanced the timeliness and transparency of the rating process. In earlier assignments with S&P, he managed the firm’s entry into new rating areas, including international and structured finance.

Mr. Weinberger was Director - International Business Development at Thomson Financial BankWatch. In that role, he formed new rating agencies to support capital market development in Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe, and provided strategic management and technical advisory services to new and established credit rating agencies in both developing and developed capital markets.

In recent years Mr. Weinberger has served as an independent consultant and advisor on matters related to credit risk and ratings. His experience and expertise cover virtually all market sectors, including industrials, utilities, bank and non-bank financial institutions, project finance, structured finance, municipalities, public sector enterprises, infrastructure finance, sub-sovereign entities, and multi-lateral development institutions.

In addition, Mr. Weinberger is chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkrating, established in Istanbul, Turkey in July 2006 by a group of international and local investors with extensive credit research experience. He is also a partner and a member of the Rating Committee, as well as technical/strategic advisor to Zumma Ratings, S.A. de C.V., a Central American credit rating agency based in El Salvador. Mr. Weinberger is additionally a senior advisor to New York-based Structured Credit International Corp. On September 30, 2015, Mr. Weinberger retired from his long involvement with BRC S&P, a 16 year old Colombian credit rating agency that he and his associates sold to an affilate of McGraw-Hill Financial Corporation a year earlier.    

Mr. Weinberger is a past president and director of the Fixed Income Analysts Society, Inc., a professional education association, and is a member of the CFA Institute. He holds a Masters of Science degree in business policy from Columbia University, New York.

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